Winter is soon over

This winter has been hard. I’m not a fan of snow and winter by any stretch, but this one got to me worse than ever before. So much snow. Anyway, days are getting longer and the snow is melting so it’s getting better every day.

I finally gave int to the Fujifilm X100 hype. Not the latest model VI, but a used X100V. Much cheaper, and just as good for my use. It’s a fun camera to use, but my reasons are a bit different than many. I don’t do film simulations. Not in camera at least. I shoot RAW, and do whatever it takes after the fact. I like this camera because of the optical viewfinder, it is very silent, it is small and light and the lens is very good. I do miss my Leica M6, which is currently at the factory for repairs, and this camera has a similar feel to it. I do whish they had a better manual focus ring. One with end stops and distance scale on it, but the AF works so good that it is not a big issue. I guess this will be with me every day from now on.