B&W or color

This has been an ongoing process for me for several years. When I started photographing in 1987, I only used B&W film. Partly due to the cost of color film, and partly because I enjoyed making my own B&W prints. I rigged a makeshift darkroom in my own bedroom, and had a lot of fun.

Fast forward to digital. For a long time, I have kind of thought I liked B&W most, but for some reason I have gravitated more and more towards color. It is fairly recent that I figured out that I mainly am a color photographer. But then there is that odd shot.

ocoloy print 3 9/11-23

I don’t think that one work at all in color. I B&W, the focus moves to the people in the foreground, while the 7-eleven storefront takes up too much space in the color version. I’m trying to figure out what I think about this. I’m not bothered about shooting B&W photographs, but I don’t like making that decision afterwards.

But all this is just me being silly. No one else is cares whether I planned a color shot or not, and whether I changed my mind afterwards.