A falling out with Instagram

ocoloy print 21 10/12-23

I don’t like Meta anymore. Or, I never really like them, but they have gotten worse. I haven’t experienced anything unpleasant, but I don’t like their business-model. I have no illusions about Google either, but you have to start some place.

Also, I don’t think Insta is that good for photography. My goal is not to gather likes or followers, but I do enjoy the occasional chats. However, I don’t want to do the stuff that is necessary in order to get my Insta account rolling. Just the simplest thing, like tagging the images is too tedious.

Right now, I’m testing out Flickr. Much better for presenting photographs, and maybe more my thing. I just want to have some galleries out there to show whenever someone asks. I’ll try it out for a while, and we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll end up terminating my Insta account, or maybe I just leave it dormant.